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let go

Let go  people who are not ready to love you.

This is the most difficult thing you will have to do, and it will also be 
the most important thing: stop giving your love to those who are not ready
to love you.

Stop having difficult conversations with people who do not want to change. 
Stop introducing yourself to people who are indifferent to your presence. 
Stop prioritizing people who make you an option. Stop loving people who are 
not ready to love you.

I know that your instinct is to do everything you can to win the good 
graces of all, but it is also the impulse that will deprive you of your 
time, your energy and your health.

When you begin to present yourself fully in your life, with joy, interest 
and commitment, not everyone will be ready to meet you.
It doesn´t mean that you have to change who you are. It means that you must 
stop loving people who are not ready to love you.

If they leave you outside, they insult you suddenly, you forget without 
thinking or you are easily ignored by the people you spend most of your 
time with, you are doing incredible damage by continuing to offer them 
your energy and your life.

The truth is that you are not for everyone and that not all are for you. 
That is what makes it so special when you find the few people with whom 
you have a friendship, a love or a sincere relationship: you will know 
how precious it is because you have experienced what it is not. .

But the more time you spend trying to force someone to love you when they 
are not able, the more you deprive yourself of that connection. He is 
waiting for you. There are billions of people on this planet, and many of 
them will meet you at your level, the atmosphere in which you are, to 
connect wherever you go.
... But the smaller it remains, in the familiarity of the people who use 
it as a cushion, the option of depravity, the therapist and the stratagem 
for their emotional work, the longer it will remain outside the community 
of their dreams. Maybe if you stop showing up, you'll be less loved. Maybe 
you will be completely forgotten. Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship
will stop. Maybe if you stop sending SMS, your phone will remain black for 
days and weeks. Maybe if you stop loving someone, the love between you will 
dissolve. It does not mean you've ruined a relationship. This means that the
only thing that had a relationship was the energy that you and only you put 
into it.
It is not love It is attachment. The most precious and important thing in 
your life is your energy. It is not your time that is limited, it is your 
energy. What you give each day is what you will create more and more in your 
life. What are you giving your time? What will define your existence? When 
you realize it, you will begin to understand why you are so anxious when you
spend time with people who do not suit you and in jobs, places or cities 
that are not good either. You will begin to realize that the most important 
thing you can do for your life, for yourself and for all the people you know,
is to protect your energy more fiercely than anything else. Make your life 
a safe haven where only people who can listen, listen and connect are allowed. 
You are not responsible for saving people. You are not responsible for 
convincing them that they want to be saved.
It is not up to you to introduce yourself to people and give them your life,
little by little, at each moment, because you feel sorry, because you feel 
bad, because you must, because you must be forced, because at the root of 
all this, you are afraid of not be loved in return It is your job to realize
that you are the master of your destiny and that you accept the love you 
think you deserve. Decide that you deserve true friendship, commitment and 
total love with healthy and growing people. So wait in the dark, just a 
little ... ... and look how quickly everything starts to change. 
Source: Thought Catalog


Life disappoints you to stop living illusions and see reality.

Life destroys everything superfluous, until only the important thing remains.
Life does not leave you in peace, so you stop fighting, and accept everything that “It is.
Life takes away what you have, until you stop complaining and thank.
Life sends you troubled people to be healed and stop reflecting what you have inside.
Life lets you fall again and again, until you decide to learn the lesson.
Life takes you out of the way and presents you with crossroads, until you stop wanting to control and you flow like a river.
Life puts you enemies on the road, until you stop “reacting”.
Life frightens you and startles you as many times as necessary, until you lose your fear and regain your faith.
Life takes away your true love, it does not grant or allow it, until you stop trying to buy it with trinkets.
Life distances you from the people you love, until you understand that we are not this body, but the soul that it contains.
Life laughs at you so many times, until you stop taking everything so seriously and laugh at yourself.
Life breaks you and breaks you in as many parts as are necessary for the light to penetrate there.
Life confronts you with rebels, until you stop trying to control.
Life repeats the same message, even with shouts and slaps, until you finally listen. Life sends you rays and storms, so you wake up.
Life humiliates and defeats you again and again until you decide to let your EGO die.
Life denies you goods and greatness until you stop wanting goods and greatness and begin to serve.
Life cuts your wings and prunes your roots, until you do not need wings or roots, but only disappear in the forms and fly from the Self.
Life denies you miracles, until you understand that everything is a miracle.
Life shortens your time, so you hurry to learn to live.
Life ridicules you until you become nothing, until you become nobody, and so you become everything.
Life does not give you what you want, but what you need to evolve.
Life hurts you, hurts you, torments you, until you let go of your whims and tantrums and appreciate breathing.
Life hides your treasures, until you start your journey, until you go out to look for them.
Life denies you to God, until you see it in everyone and everything.
Life shortens you, prunes you, takes you away, breaks you, disappoints you, cracks you, breaks you … until only LOVE remains in you.
Blessed day of unified conscience, unconditional love, compassion, joy, gratitude, harmony and divine wisdom !!!



A “Hug of Light” is much more tha a simple greeting.
When we give a hug of Light or send it to someone, it has a very different effect than when we hug physically.
A Hug of Light, born in the deepest part of our spirit, connecting our whole existence with the Love that lives in our heart, achieving in this way a vibration of energy with our inner Being and producing an Illumination that goes beyond all the barriers and expectations that we can imagine and find on our way.
When you find your relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. with those who leave you greeting … you send them a kiss or hug and they also wish you peace, affection, success, send kisses, hugs, blessings, etc.
All this is to send an energy between human beings that is translated into Love … into Light … and that raises our vibratory frequency.
Although our physical body sometimes does not perceive it or we do not realize it when giving a hug of Light, we truly radiate light.
A hug is synonymous of warmth, always full of joy and peace, whether to give it, how to receive it, you can give it to everyone, from your family, as well as your friends, friends, partners, etc.
The Light is something very vast, it surrounds Love, purity, clarity, the energy of spiritual life, etc.
The Light is associated with the vital energy, and with the energy that flows throughout the Universe, because it is said to be something that helps you stay in this and in other life, that is why it is said that when someone is stripped of the physical body goes through a tunnel where you can see the Light at the end of the path, so that Light is equal to immortality and to Love, to that Infinite Love that awaits us and that exists in our soul.
That is why a hug of Light is to send Love, energy of the highest frequency, LOVE, it is a message full of feeling, a positive message, it is much more than just words, it is a true feeling.
Now transfer your Light wherever you go and send a hug of Light to all your loved ones, to the planet and to the entire Universe
love and light


While you read it, feel it deeply.

I, ___________ (Your name) am grateful for every detail in my life. I know 
that everything I receive from Life is a free gift, I understand it and I 
accept it.

THANKS to the life that inspires me, renews me and gives me the opportunity 
to evolve daily.

THANKS to the place where I am here and now, because this place needs me, 
and I need it.

THANKS to all the organs of my body, which function in full harmony and 

THANKS to the house where I live, which serves as shelter and rest.

THANKS to the job opportunities, achievements, successes and evolution that 
open up in front of me daily.

THANK YOU for every payment received, because in that way I honor my name, 
honor my commitments and multiply my money.

THANKS to everything I buy or acquire, because it is the fruit of my work 
and my merit.

THANKS to all the people who cross my path.

THANKS to the people who apparently do me "wrong", because they helped me 
to form the courage to keep going, and thanks to those who did me well, 
because that's how they made me feel loved.

THANK YOU for all the financial and personal success opportunities I receive, 
identify and accept.

THANKS to myself that I have found gratitude in all people, things and deeds.

THANKS to the whole Universe, which conspires in favor of each of my thoughts, 
that's why I choose what I think, speak or wish with great care.

THANKS to the wonderful creator that exists within me, I am part of his 
divinity, that is why I radiate light, love and peace to wherever I am ...

I fill my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness and my whole being with 
this Gratitude, which comes out of me in all directions, reaches everything 
in my world and comes back to me in the form of more experiences and things 
for which feel grateful.