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Atlantis crystals in therapy


The Atlantis Etheric crystals are the energies of the crystal that atlantes used, not only to develop and used their technology but also to heal, protect, rituals…

An etheric crystal is the energy that was reflected in the universe of that crystal. I use them in my therapies placing them on the person and it brings amazing sensations. Even you can combina crystal and etheric crystals, you can charge mainly a clear quarz with the energies of an etheric crystal, and use it in your therapies.

Atlantes knew and used etheric rituals and we can today channelize not only information about their techniques and energetic and healing rituals but also about their existence in the Earth.

Nowadays we have  some atlantis crystal that you can use to heal yourself or when you do your healing. And also you can use it in distante healing.

Atlantis crystal is an another amazing therapy healing system which brings deep smooth sensations.



Mandala interpretations

When you draw a mandala, you have to be in a quiet place, which you can draw without disturbs, sometimes you will feel to listen to some music or some mantras

Focus in a problem that you want to solve and visualize it. Once done, allow yourself to choose the colours without looking at them by closing your eyes, for example.

Don´t move the paper while you are painting, paint the mandala without moving from the place, I mean that you can´t leave something for tomorrow.

Paint from the inside to the outside and put a mark in the paper to know what is up and down.