AA Zadquiel Channelled Energies for November

AA Zadquiel channelled energies for November

This month we will have many worries, bad thoughts rounding our heads. They will try to catch our attention and lose our faith.
Don’t let them catch you.
Everyone has the free will to choose his/her path, so it’s up to you to choose the right one
We are always waiting to help you, you just have to ask for our help and we will do it. We can’t act without your permission. But if we have it, then the sky is ours.
Don’t desperate if you see all black and you can’t find a way out, everything will find its place and you will be able to go with your work.
Worries have the power to make you be worried only if you let, so sweep away.
Don’t give them the power to catch your attention

By Cristina Barcenilla





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