Channelled message from The Mother to Deile and ShivMira training group on 29th september 2017


You don´t need to be recognized as you know you have done right.

To be recognize is a matter of the ego which likes people say the good you have done something, but in fact inside you, in your heart you know when something is well done and you need to be humble enought to not need recognizing.

Step by step you are getting that many people feel better and that it´s the best value.

For that we need to silent our ego, the one which is always trying to do things outdoors only to be shown and instead of that working like a tortoise, little by little and and you will find that your work is going to be amazing.


if u r guided to share just forward as it is

This is a group message and personal channeling is done with EE. You can contact me if you feel

love and light

By Crisreiki                      +34 6619632


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