Channelled message from The Mother to Deile and ShivMira training group on 30th september 2017


“I don´t like to be in the attention point, i want to go unnoticed” these kind of thoughts make you more introvert and closed to others.

You need to be a bit more open in order to let other people know you, and help you in your goals and objectives.

Don´t deny others help, although as they are your projects , you are the one who runs them. Don´t let anyone step you, for that you need to be more self confident and believe that you are as good as them.

It´s important to put everybody in its place so with this we will avoid understandings.

love and light


if u r guided to share just forward as it is

This is a group message and personal channeling is done with EE. You can contact me if you feel

love and light

By Crisreiki                      +34 6619632


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