Channelled message from The Mother to CrisDeile and ShivMira training group on 30th December 2017


Your acts show the kind of person you are, try to be kind and caring with those who are with you as what it can happen is that you will get the same for you.

Don´t try to be rude and then expect others to be kind, it starts on you and what you show is what you will receive.

Maybe at the beginning no but with time  when they know you, you will receive the same treatment.

Also having a selfish behaviour  will bring you loneliness, because if you only look after yourself withou caring others and even despising then it will arrive a moment that you will  be treaten the same.

Why to be rude when you can be kind and get the favour of the people  who surround you?

You know that your behaviour isn´t the most suitable but if you don´t mind now, don´t expect any different answer from anyone.

The change is in your hands, and you have the key to be accepted or not among those who surround you.

love and light


if u r guided to share just forward as it is

This is a group message and personal channeling is done with EE. You can contact me if you feel

love and light

By Crisreiki                      +34 661963032


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