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You are worthy of your own attention, care, and forgiveness.

When you are having a bad moment, bad day, bad year, you owe it to yourself to be kind, to be patient, and to be loving. Beating yourself up over mistakes of the past or present doesn’t help you in any way to do better. It’s an act of abuse against yourself, and it will only make you hurt more. Don’t break apart your own soul.

Don’t crush your heart into pieces. Please don’t destroy yourself from the inside out. Be gentle with yourself every single second of every moment of every single day. You are learning, you are growing – you will fumble and stumble but I know you can and will rise again. You are worthy of your own attention, care, and forgiveness. If you’ve been treating yourself badly today I really hope that you’ll take this opportunity to no longer speak hate into your life but rather love, hope, healing, and joy.

Life is too short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can apologize when you should and let go of what you can’t change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances. Give everything and have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you should, love what you got and always remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget.Learn from your mistakes but never regret. People change and things go wrong.But always remember life goes on.

Karma Clearing Affirmations

Karma is the resultant impressions of our past thoughts, words and deeds on our subconscious mind. The thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take make indelible impressions on our subconscious minds. Our experiences of every moment on earth are the result of those cumulative impressions, which the eastern religions and philosophies have define as Karma.

Karma is made in our present lives, as well as in our past incarnations. Our conscious mind can only retain the memory of our present lives. From the moment we are able to exert our conscious choices the account of our Karma starts in this life. As the memories grow older, they are driven deeper, into the subconscious mind. It is a complex account of mixed feelings, thoughts, words and actions that are stored in the database of our subconscious mind. All our relationships, all our happiness, joys and sorrows, all the situations of our lives, and even diseases are results of past karma.
Making positive affirmations is an easy and effective way to clear Karma. Karma is often stored as limiting beliefs that prevent you from accepting all the healing and health that is available to you. Choose the affirmations that gladden your heart.

Karma can never affect you if you learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, always. When you are ready to let go of the past and happily abide in the present, Karma has no power over you and your positive affirmations will bear fruit quickly. You can choose any affirmations to incorporate it whilst doing your self- healing practice.

Select the affirmations that relate to you, but if you wish you can use a new one for each day of the month.

I trust the infinite cosmic intelligence to bring positive changes in my life.

I trust the God-power within me to erase all my bad karma.

I am happily rooted in the present and I gratefully allow the purifying power of my consciousness to clean the slate of my past.

The past is dead and I happily let go of my past.

The fire of my consciousness is swallowing up all the negative patterns stored in my mind at all levels.

I am grateful and happy to experience new joys and changes in my life.

I choose to forgive myself and others while I let go of the past. By doing so, I place my life into the hands of the Divine Intelligence to bring me peace and positive changes in my life.

I let go of the past and I trust in the infinite healing presence within me that is working wonder in my life.

I allow the healing light of God to make me whole, by clearing all negative patterns of my mind.

I forgive all and in doing so I am being forgiven by the infinite God consciousness within me.

I trust the healing God power within me to erase all my negative karma and I am infinitely grateful for that.

I gratefully allow the universal cosmic consciousness to create a new chapter of love, light and joy in the book of my life.

I am bathed by the healing white light of God, who is the creator of this body and mind, and who knows best how to heal my life.

I trust my life into the hand of the divine intelligence to bring positive changes in my life.

I trust the infinite cosmic intelligence that is operating in every pore and every cell my body to heal and make me positive.

I am opening myself to the love, light and healing presence within me to get healed, happy and joyful.

God, the giver of my life is healing every aspect of my life.

I am opening myself to the divine presence within me so that it knows what to fix within me to make my life smooth, prosperous and joyful.

I choose to be open to the changes that life may bring.

I embrace the changes brought by life and I allow myself to be healed.

I forgive all and let go of all hurt, to accept the positive changes God is bringing into my life.

I am open to changes and I allow the divine power and light to heal me, this moment.

I am open to finding true happiness in my life and I t rust the infinite intelligence to help me.

The pure light of the divine is working within every cell of my body to heal the past impressions and instil joy within.

With love and gratitude I accept the healing brought to me by my deepest power within.

I am accepting health in my body, joy in my mind and happiness in my life.

I am open to changing and evolving.

I am blissful for no particular reason and I am free, loving and compassionate.

I am in this moment and I flow as I change every moment.

I am the infinite Self within me which holds all events within.

I observe life as a witness, without passing judgement, and in doing so I unlink from my past karma.

We get away from karma

Soon the Law of Cause and Effect or the Karma that creeps, will cease to have effect on the PLANET. We climb a step of vibration, and we begin the LIGHT, so that beings that can inhabit the new planet no longer have errors, have managed to reach “LOVE GOD ABOUT ALL THINGS”.

The perfect Law of Karma is going to give place to Higher Laws and for that Humanity has to exhaust the Law of Cause and Previous Effect and “Awakening” so that it can be assured that this transition that already looms, we will live it after raise some vibratory levels like New Humanity.
DNA is still changing and that takes more than a generation, although many children, not all, as it is mistakenly said, are being born with modified DNA.
The task is always ours, we wake up every day with symptoms of illness that we carry, with anxiety, dysfunctions and unhealed issues because the Law that is Absolute Love is acting increasingly fast to clean our records and finally to pass laws superiors

The Cord Cutting Ritual


Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed.
Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.
Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.
Upon feeling the presence of your guides, recite the following mantra:

“Dear Spirit Guides (or what ever loving source you call on for help), I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.”

You may need to repeat this prayer 2-3 times days.

You can also close your eyes and visualise the cords being released, as well as the healing light surrounding you.

How to heal


Remember that every time you cry, you vent with someone, or write what you feel …. You heal your soul and raise your vibration !!! …
That every time you laugh, you sing and dance enjoying life … You heal your soul and elevate your vibration !!! …

That every time you do what you like, and exercise and move your body … You heal your soul and elevate your vibration !!! …

That every time you ask for forgiveness, you forgive and give thanks with the heart … You heal your soul and elevate your vibration !!! …
And that every time you respect yourself and love yourself and others for real … In addition to healing your soul and raising your vibration, you also help our beautiful earth to vibrate in the highest frequency that is that of love! !! …
That’s why you do not delay it anymore, arm yourself with courage, and work seriously on yourself !!! … Well, the most important job of your life … It’s you !!! …

And if you vibrate loudly, we all vibrate loudly … Because we are all one!

When your heart is full of gratitude, it is not possible to feel doubt or fear.

To be a healer, you must not harbor thoughts of doubt; You must leave your fears behind. Your heart must be full of love and gratitude.

All you have to do is believe and be grateful and then you will be able to do it

World of yoga.

Decree of harmonious release of unconscious memories


In the name of my Sacred Presence of God I AM, in the name of the teacher Jesus Christ and of the Christ energy in my heart, I call upon all the loving teachers of the karmic tribunal that, the memories of pain, feelings and emotions of low Frequently installed in my energetic bodies that belong to this and other lives, be harmoniously liberated here and now from all my subtle bodies, in all times, spaces and dimensions in which I exist as the multidimensional being that I AM, with the most energy elevated of the unconditional love of the Cosmic Father, from its root, its cause, its origin.
Thank you, Father Mother, because we have asked for it and that is how it is fulfilled, done and manifested.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!