The Cord Cutting Ritual


Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed.
Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths.
Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your spirit guides or angels to help guide you through the process.
Upon feeling the presence of your guides, recite the following mantra:

“Dear Spirit Guides (or what ever loving source you call on for help), I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut any cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. Thank You.”

You may need to repeat this prayer 2-3 times days.

You can also close your eyes and visualise the cords being released, as well as the healing light surrounding you.


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