We get away from karma

Soon the Law of Cause and Effect or the Karma that creeps, will cease to have effect on the PLANET. We climb a step of vibration, and we begin the LIGHT, so that beings that can inhabit the new planet no longer have errors, have managed to reach “LOVE GOD ABOUT ALL THINGS”.

The perfect Law of Karma is going to give place to Higher Laws and for that Humanity has to exhaust the Law of Cause and Previous Effect and “Awakening” so that it can be assured that this transition that already looms, we will live it after raise some vibratory levels like New Humanity.
DNA is still changing and that takes more than a generation, although many children, not all, as it is mistakenly said, are being born with modified DNA.
The task is always ours, we wake up every day with symptoms of illness that we carry, with anxiety, dysfunctions and unhealed issues because the Law that is Absolute Love is acting increasingly fast to clean our records and finally to pass laws superiors


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