Karma Clearing Affirmations

Karma is the resultant impressions of our past thoughts, words and deeds on our subconscious mind. The thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take make indelible impressions on our subconscious minds. Our experiences of every moment on earth are the result of those cumulative impressions, which the eastern religions and philosophies have define as Karma.

Karma is made in our present lives, as well as in our past incarnations. Our conscious mind can only retain the memory of our present lives. From the moment we are able to exert our conscious choices the account of our Karma starts in this life. As the memories grow older, they are driven deeper, into the subconscious mind. It is a complex account of mixed feelings, thoughts, words and actions that are stored in the database of our subconscious mind. All our relationships, all our happiness, joys and sorrows, all the situations of our lives, and even diseases are results of past karma.
Making positive affirmations is an easy and effective way to clear Karma. Karma is often stored as limiting beliefs that prevent you from accepting all the healing and health that is available to you. Choose the affirmations that gladden your heart.

Karma can never affect you if you learn to anchor yourself in the present moment, always. When you are ready to let go of the past and happily abide in the present, Karma has no power over you and your positive affirmations will bear fruit quickly. You can choose any affirmations to incorporate it whilst doing your self- healing practice.

Select the affirmations that relate to you, but if you wish you can use a new one for each day of the month.

I trust the infinite cosmic intelligence to bring positive changes in my life.

I trust the God-power within me to erase all my bad karma.

I am happily rooted in the present and I gratefully allow the purifying power of my consciousness to clean the slate of my past.

The past is dead and I happily let go of my past.

The fire of my consciousness is swallowing up all the negative patterns stored in my mind at all levels.

I am grateful and happy to experience new joys and changes in my life.

I choose to forgive myself and others while I let go of the past. By doing so, I place my life into the hands of the Divine Intelligence to bring me peace and positive changes in my life.

I let go of the past and I trust in the infinite healing presence within me that is working wonder in my life.

I allow the healing light of God to make me whole, by clearing all negative patterns of my mind.

I forgive all and in doing so I am being forgiven by the infinite God consciousness within me.

I trust the healing God power within me to erase all my negative karma and I am infinitely grateful for that.

I gratefully allow the universal cosmic consciousness to create a new chapter of love, light and joy in the book of my life.

I am bathed by the healing white light of God, who is the creator of this body and mind, and who knows best how to heal my life.

I trust my life into the hand of the divine intelligence to bring positive changes in my life.

I trust the infinite cosmic intelligence that is operating in every pore and every cell my body to heal and make me positive.

I am opening myself to the love, light and healing presence within me to get healed, happy and joyful.

God, the giver of my life is healing every aspect of my life.

I am opening myself to the divine presence within me so that it knows what to fix within me to make my life smooth, prosperous and joyful.

I choose to be open to the changes that life may bring.

I embrace the changes brought by life and I allow myself to be healed.

I forgive all and let go of all hurt, to accept the positive changes God is bringing into my life.

I am open to changes and I allow the divine power and light to heal me, this moment.

I am open to finding true happiness in my life and I t rust the infinite intelligence to help me.

The pure light of the divine is working within every cell of my body to heal the past impressions and instil joy within.

With love and gratitude I accept the healing brought to me by my deepest power within.

I am accepting health in my body, joy in my mind and happiness in my life.

I am open to changing and evolving.

I am blissful for no particular reason and I am free, loving and compassionate.

I am in this moment and I flow as I change every moment.

I am the infinite Self within me which holds all events within.

I observe life as a witness, without passing judgement, and in doing so I unlink from my past karma.


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