While you read it, feel it deeply.

I, ___________ (Your name) am grateful for every detail in my life. I know 
that everything I receive from Life is a free gift, I understand it and I 
accept it.

THANKS to the life that inspires me, renews me and gives me the opportunity 
to evolve daily.

THANKS to the place where I am here and now, because this place needs me, 
and I need it.

THANKS to all the organs of my body, which function in full harmony and 

THANKS to the house where I live, which serves as shelter and rest.

THANKS to the job opportunities, achievements, successes and evolution that 
open up in front of me daily.

THANK YOU for every payment received, because in that way I honor my name, 
honor my commitments and multiply my money.

THANKS to everything I buy or acquire, because it is the fruit of my work 
and my merit.

THANKS to all the people who cross my path.

THANKS to the people who apparently do me "wrong", because they helped me 
to form the courage to keep going, and thanks to those who did me well, 
because that's how they made me feel loved.

THANK YOU for all the financial and personal success opportunities I receive, 
identify and accept.

THANKS to myself that I have found gratitude in all people, things and deeds.

THANKS to the whole Universe, which conspires in favor of each of my thoughts, 
that's why I choose what I think, speak or wish with great care.

THANKS to the wonderful creator that exists within me, I am part of his 
divinity, that is why I radiate light, love and peace to wherever I am ...

I fill my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness and my whole being with 
this Gratitude, which comes out of me in all directions, reaches everything 
in my world and comes back to me in the form of more experiences and things 
for which feel grateful.


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