A “Hug of Light” is much more tha a simple greeting.
When we give a hug of Light or send it to someone, it has a very different effect than when we hug physically.
A Hug of Light, born in the deepest part of our spirit, connecting our whole existence with the Love that lives in our heart, achieving in this way a vibration of energy with our inner Being and producing an Illumination that goes beyond all the barriers and expectations that we can imagine and find on our way.
When you find your relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. with those who leave you greeting … you send them a kiss or hug and they also wish you peace, affection, success, send kisses, hugs, blessings, etc.
All this is to send an energy between human beings that is translated into Love … into Light … and that raises our vibratory frequency.
Although our physical body sometimes does not perceive it or we do not realize it when giving a hug of Light, we truly radiate light.
A hug is synonymous of warmth, always full of joy and peace, whether to give it, how to receive it, you can give it to everyone, from your family, as well as your friends, friends, partners, etc.
The Light is something very vast, it surrounds Love, purity, clarity, the energy of spiritual life, etc.
The Light is associated with the vital energy, and with the energy that flows throughout the Universe, because it is said to be something that helps you stay in this and in other life, that is why it is said that when someone is stripped of the physical body goes through a tunnel where you can see the Light at the end of the path, so that Light is equal to immortality and to Love, to that Infinite Love that awaits us and that exists in our soul.
That is why a hug of Light is to send Love, energy of the highest frequency, LOVE, it is a message full of feeling, a positive message, it is much more than just words, it is a true feeling.
Now transfer your Light wherever you go and send a hug of Light to all your loved ones, to the planet and to the entire Universe
love and light


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