Writing healing numbers on body

we are often advised to write healing numbers on body. There are lot of people who are seeking answers to it. Let me address it here.

1) What is the significance of writing numbers on body?
Our body is source of energy. When we write healing number(s) on our body, our body’s energy becomes the carrier for the number to manifest. Also the number remains in our aura which is our core energy center. That is reason we ofen say always vibrate yourself high. The higher you vibrate, the better your aura gets.

2) What happens when the number is faded or wiped out?
Since the number you wrote became the part of your body energy, it will fulfill it’s task till the time if either the task is achieved or the number has run out of the energy. It is hard to measure this as there is no means and ways to measure energy. You just have to be watchful and observe the effects. If you feel you are not getting the desired result upon fading or erasing of number, write it again.

3) Should we really write numbers in different colors ?
There is no need to do so. Although, writing numbers with certain colors sometimes does help. Colors are integral part of us. Why did the universe give us colorful world ? why not black and white ? Hence, colors gives numbers their identity. For instance, writing number(s) for fat burning is usually advised to write in red color. Red is the color of fire and aggression. It is associated with burning. So use appropriate color if your own consciousness says so.

4) Should the number be written neatly ?
Yes. It’s always a better practice to write numbers neatly on your body. Avoid overlapping and broken lines.

5) Does the size of numbers matter ?
No it does not.

6) How many numbers can be written on body?
The theory says unlimited. As per my experience and observation, remember …numbers use your energy. So in case you intend to write many numbers, ensure you remain hydrated. I have had many people’s feedback upon writing many numbers they usually felt fatigue and were feeling exhausted. If you feel something like that, reduce the numbers count. This is the same as advised to intake a glass of water before Reiki music or Reiki healing, cause Reiki will use your core energy to manifest.

7) Is the number written on effected area performs better ?
Let’s say your certain body part is swollen ..what do you do ? Do you write the healing number directly on the swollen area or anywhere on the body? The answer is you can write it anywhere. The number will carry the energy healing regardless of its position on body. I have seen results of people writing numbers to reduce belly fat on their legs and getting excellent results.

8) Is so very important to write numbers on left side of the body ?
No, but It’s usually recommended. It has been observed that results are faster when writing on left side. Does not apply for all. The left side represents receiving. Even if someone is left handed, his / her left side is still the receiving side. It’s just a belief system that the numbers we write are to be received and absorbed into our aura. Its perfectly fine to write anywhere.

9) Does intention really matter while writing the number?
No. A number is just like a medicine. For example, let’s say you have headache and you take crocin(most popular allopathy pill) While taking the medicine even if you refuse to believe that crocin will NOT help you to reduce or subdue your headache, it will still do what it is suppose to do. Your intention does not matter for crocin. If you take crocin with intention of healing your heart or lungs…it wont ..cause its suppose to relieve you from headache and general body pain. So the same is for numbers. Your intention will not matter, the number will carry out its respective objective regardless you believe or not. You intention may matter when a certain number is believed to address multiple objectives. So here your intention will simply guide it to the direction of desired objective.

I hope I have covered all the whys and Hows of the healing numbers to be written on the body.

Keep writing healing numbers and Be Blessed 😇🙏

7 pensamientos en “Writing healing numbers on body

      1. Angelica

        Thank you for your reply!
        These healing codes is totally new for me so I’m very interested.. and I have to ask you, for example, if it’s for neck pain issue I can write 91 in some place of my body right? and is it possible to write more healing codes? or for the best effect is better only one code?

        Me gusta


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