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Powerful affirmations to attract prosperity

  1. I am an human being with infinite power
  2. I have inside me all the wisdom from the universe
  3. I deserve to be happy and have all I wish in this life
  4. flows of prosperity rus towards me daily
  5. my body is healthy and has the power to self healing
  6. I decide to be an attractive and magnetic person
  7. Inner peace is a constant in my life
  8. I feel the harmony and happiness to be the owner of my destiny
  9. I am made in the image and likeness of an almighty god
  10. I decide to be a prosperous, happy and healthy person
  11. every day I am closer to my goals and objectives
  12. I have the ability and the power to make my dreams come true
  13. I bring light and harmony to every place I go
  14. true love is my birthright
  15. I love my life as it is and I know that it is always improving in every way
  16. I love myself and i accept myself as I am
  17. I am able to achieve everything I desire in my life
  18. I attract with fluidity and harmony towards me everything I desire
  19. everything that happens in my life contributes to the achievement of my dreams
  20. my body gets stronger and more over the years

Namaste !!