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Everything that happens in your life leaves you a teaching,  leaves you an apprenticeship,  fills you with wisdom to never repeat that in which you have failed. Today be grateful for everything that has happened in your life and live, just live, no longer dedicate the rest of your  life in suffering, in regreting  for things that could have been, for things that have already happened, regreting is no longer useful , to hold a grudge is no longer worth it, because the only one hurt is you, you are harming your health, your body, your soul with feelings that do not let you see the true essence of life, every minute, every second that is happening is moving away from that past that will not come back, so that you can stay more, there is no way to go back to modify it, let go that past so you can continue to move forward in your life, learn to look at that past as a learning opportunity and as a valuable experience that taught you and showed you what you had to learn.

Every experience that comes to our life, marks you,  changes you but this is to be able to move forward and to improve as people to continue on this path we have chosen. In your hands is to decide what you want from now on for your life, for your future, your present and your future is only yours from anyone else, so today you make the decision that you think is the best for your life, the one you choose is the best for you and it will be also a learning of life.

Learn from your past, there is always something extraordinary to get out of all the stormy that has happened , so today embrace your past, and let go,

You can repeat:

Today I release my past, today I release myself and I release anyone who needs my forgiveness. Today I am free, without burdens, without ties to continue without resentment, without rancor, without hatred, to continue living my present and to mark my future for the here and now. Today I get rid of everything that slows down my life, today I release all discordant energy that does not let me live in the best possible way. I release fears so that love will take possession of me and that from now on any situation that comes into my life will be in a loving way.

Love and light