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Seraphim Reiki

Contact Cris +34661963032

First and master level
1 week workshop
Starts 1 May 2019.

37 USD
(Paypal- if u dnt have paypal. Voucher is sent to ur email. u can pay thr your debit card)

this is the basic information for the course.
Healing with the light and energy of seraphim
This healing bring directly the Direct Light of the seraphim to healing and spiritual ascension. We can get:
• Speed vibrational
• Vibrational ascension
• Healing until three past lives ( under divine order)
• Expansion of the aura
• Activation of your angelical essence
• Irdin smell ( it´s an special smell made of tangerine and orange)
• Inner beauty
• Vitality
• Expulsion of low frequencies entities

Effects of healing
• Acceleration of karma
• Mental cleaning
• Emotional cleaning
• Physical cleaning
• Regulates your inner clock ( if you are stressed or lower)

Why Meditation?

Meditation is the fastest way to raise your vibration, get in touch with your feelings and emotions and connect you more strongly with your God self.

Benefits of Meditation

Daily meditation brings in the healing light of God. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us dislodge stagnant blocked energy that leads to imbalances, disease and the illusion that we are separated from God.

Every time we meditate we bring in more and more of our God Self. God (Light) comes in through us gradually. The density of our form lessens and lessens with every meditation becoming more and more filled with the Spirit and Light from our God self.

Meditation realigns the energy fields with the divine order of the universe deepening and strengthening our connection to Source.

During meditation, the light of our God self moves through the physical body assisting in the healing of all organs, tissues, blood and bones. Meditation reduces pain!

Meditation improves blood pressure, reduces anxiety, decreases muscle tension and headaches, enhances the immune system, increases serotonin for better moods, improves depression and relieves emotional distress.

Meditation quiets the mind, allowing us to receive clear divine guidance and tap into the greater depth of who we are. It is in the very positive mental states of our Theta and Beta brainwaves that we are able to move beyond our human consciousness into our God Consciousness. This is an ideal state for healing and transformation!

Meditation expands our consciousness, raises our vibration and helps us remember who we are.

Meditation helps us stay calm and less reactive when we encounter difficult situations.

Meditation opens, clears and aligns the chakras for a greater sense of health and well-being.

Meditation balances and calms the nervous system.

Meditation balances the left (masculine: logic, power, reason) and right (feminine: creative, love, intuitive) sides of the brain. Both sides need to be balanced to clear away the negative ego so we can have a direct experience with God. People are usually dominant on one side. Bringing both sides of the brain into balance also balances the energetic bodies and helps us move out of dualistic thinking.

Meditation assists people overcome addictions and repetitive negative patterns.

Meditation helps us assimilate the powerful energies coming into the planet from the galactic center. These energies are activating our light codes, DNA, cellular memory and are assisting us move into the golden age with ease and grace.

Meditation assists us in rising above the subconscious programming of the mass consciousness so we can release all dis-empowering thought forms that keep us from activating our divine potential.