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People who no longer vibrate like you

Places that no longer vibrate like you.

Feelings, ways of thinking and believing, routines, structures, which are no longer.

Vibrations are neither good nor bad, they are different.

When we stop vibrating with certain people, places, beliefs, and so much more, we wonder ourselves if we are bad people, blame and morals fall, we wonder the time that the relationship or routine has lasted and how bad we feel about the distance it is being produced.

But vibrational is not personal.

Our energy has been changing, and therefore, it is directing us to new places, new bonds, routines and beliefs, and new ways of living.

Our energy is not better than  other, it is simply different, and it looks for similar energies.

Do not take it personally, it’s vibrational.

If you feel that it causes you effort, it is not.

Related vibrations flow,  discordant vibrations cause effort and reluctance, and generate great energy leaks.

Related energies energize us.